Being More Sicker.

wincomics-300x258I’m pretty sure that the common cold is a permanent reminder from God that we are not in control. We can go to the moon and back, we can split an atom and we can treat and cure many diseases. But the one thing so common to us all that it’s called the common cold, still takes all of us down for a while. Thankfully it’s more frustrating than fatal but for a few hours one morning this past week I was seriously contemplating “to be or not to be”.

When I was a kid, at least in the memories that stick with me, being sick was pretty cool. It meant T.V. during the day, a bed on the couch and my Mom looking after me. Best sick day ever is still stuck in my memory. Mom brought me hot tea with sugar in it, toast covered with cinnamon sugar and my Dad came home at lunch time with a small stack of comic books, tied with twine, for me to read. I never minded missing school and got a lot more done in a lot less time when I was home sick long enough for the teacher to send work home for me to do there.

Being sick this week I’ve found it hard to concentrate to get anything read, written or worked on. I’ve been embarrassed by my own whining. I’m sick of being sick.

On the up side, I’m getting caught up on all the Food Network shows I haven’t seen in a while…


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4 Responses to Being More Sicker.

  1. at least you can catch up on tv! 🙂

  2. brianmpei says:

    yeah, there is that…today it’s steak & eggs Italian style and chocolate crepes. My wife won’t let me cook though unless I promise to do the dishes I use…

  3. BrianD says:

    Do you find that when you cook, you always use more utensils and create more of a mess than your wife would have made?

  4. brianmpei says:

    Always BrianD, always.

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