Peter Rollins on Leadership

puppetstringHere’s the deal. Anyone who stops by here regularly knows that leadership is one of the things that fascinates me most. It comes, in part, because I find myself in this place of being called a leader. I think it also comes, in part, because my heart has been changed from someone who found people generally annoying to someone who thinks and feels that people are the most incredible, miraculous and beautiful of all God has made.

Been checking out this guy named Peter Rollins lately. He’s the kind of guy I think I could have some loud, opinionated conversations with over a pint. In this little clip from Youtube he offers a picture that I couldn’t agree with more.

One of the things that’s lauded in the Church these days is decisive, strong, balls to the wall (an aviation term – grow up) leadership. “Lead, follow or get out of the way!” has sadly become as familiar a cry in the church as in the world. We’ve always been called to be counter cultural and while you can find no end of people to follow that style of leadership in the church it’s neither “anointed” or preferable for revealing the nature of the Kingdom.

This isn’t an argument for wishy-washy, opinionless, spineless, passive leadership either. Listen to what he’s saying in this clip. Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek.” There’s very little that requires more strength to be held in check than when you are working with people you know would do whatever you told them to do, will likely choose to do what will hurt them most, and are looking for a god to put their trust in. Leadership becomes a trap for both the leader and the one seeking to be led.

Honest Christian leaders will find this call to a new way of leading distressing because they will know that it means everything must change. Those in denial will find it easy because they’re certain this is how they always lead. Dumb dishonest ones will seek to have Peter Rollins and all the rebels like him crucified. The smart dishonest ones will seek to have him exiled because they’ve seen how the whole crucifixion thing can take an unpredictable turn.

I believe there are few issues more critical for the future of the church than this one.

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