kidsraftI love my space. I get the most done and do my best work when I’m in this little bubble. I also don’t mind interruptions, particularly if the “interruptions” are people. Love people. But I love coming in to my wee office, closing the doors, surrounded by night sky blue walls and various pieces of art and letting my mind and heart loose on writing the next talk, a blog post, even working on a budget or spreadsheet for income/outgo for work.

The last 24 hours have been, well, disruptive. I’m realizing that as much as I hate routine I like MY routine and find trouble getting real work done when that is jumbled up. Our office area was submerged sometime in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Today the city has blocked off our whole street and is preparing to excavate to see where the water is coming from. In January, with -12 weather (or colder) water shouldn’t be running around anywhere and especially not in our basement offices. That means a pipe somewhere, and I stress the somewhere, is leaking. Lovely. This has actually led to some very interesting encounters but it has also led to me not getting a lot done as I suck up water, watch/listen/get out of the way of others sucking up water, checking pipes, re-checking pipes, disinfecting just in case it’s sewage, etc.

I’ve emptied the 5 gallon wetvac twice since starting to write this little update. It’s almost like starting a new post every time I get up and go away and come back. It’s going to fill up again soon so I’ll just wrap up by saying that I’ll never take a dry space for granted. Ever. Again.

And I’ve given new meaning to the term “floating floor” here in my office. My *click* floor was a great idea ’til it soaked up 20 gallons of water…


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4 Responses to H20

  1. greggmac says:

    Ain’t you a faith filled believer; can’t you walk on water yet?

  2. brianmpei says:

    I”m going to a conference to get some help on that Greg. Glory!

  3. Brad says:

    Turn down the heat and have and indoor skate for your next get together.

  4. brianmpei says:

    Great idea Brad. If it wasn’t for these walls we could glide.

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