You’ve Probably Heard This One Before…

As Saint Bob once sang, “The times they are a changin’.” And if we don’t acknowledge this this afternoon we’ll be redundant by this evening. To our peril we’ve kept our heads down and refused to deal with stuff that is going to come back and bite us in the butt in short order. I was reading yesterday a prediction, based on observation and information, that the evangelical church will cease to exist in North America within 20 years. The Church will continue but the way we’ve been doing it in the buildings we’ve been doing it in – well, as Saint Steve of the Taylors said, “This disco used to be a cute cathedral…”.



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Stumbling towards what comes next.
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2 Responses to You’ve Probably Heard This One Before…

  1. messenger4life says:

    Prepare for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Put on the full armor of God
    Message: To show faith you follow the instructions which are ordinances
    1. Offer the sacrifice of repented IHS which is repent= Name your sins to God Almighty privately in prayer in the Name of His Son, Jesus then IHS.
    IHS= Immerse(baptism in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost)
    Sanctification(free from sin)
    2. While in prayer ask God for understanding so you can Sow seed which is:
    Sow= to read
    Seed= the Word of God Almighty
    3. Keep the Commandments and Statues they are the way of living for the righteous. Remember that Ordinances of God Almighty come and they must be done in order to prove that you have true faith. Always know that God says nothing unrighteous. He never mislead His people. If instructions you receive are contrary to His way of living remember never to do them because they are not His.
    A word of knowledge: The Name of God Almighty is Yahweh in Hebrew.
    wisdom for you:
    Sin brings death to your soul
    repentance brings life from the dead
    light means no sin(repented, IHS)
    darkness means sin(unrepented, IHS)

  2. brianmpei says:

    Well, um, thanks, for, um, those thoughts.

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