Prayer Hour & Pastor Shepherd

I really should have included this video in my last post. I still can’t believe I didn’t think of it until Brad commented on my previous post. If this video doesn’t move you please have someone near you check to see if you have a pulse.

Having corresponded with Pastor Shepherd I have committed myself to sharing his ministry with everyone I know. I can’t imagine why I haven’t promoted his Youtube videos here at Cracked Virtue.

Friends, visitors, CV regulars, I present two of the most interesting people you’ll ever see together in one video.

Would love to hear how this touches you!


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8 Responses to Prayer Hour & Pastor Shepherd

  1. Yves says:

    And the academy award goes too….. um…

  2. Brad says:

    Haha, thanks for the laugh. Good way to end the week. OK This is Satire………um right? Its hard to tell because this guy is not that far IMO from Mr. Tokin’ other than he is more direct. Anyway, thanks for the smile. Maybe Ill see you on puter this weekend?

  3. Brad says:

    After further review, I don’t think he’s more or less direct, I think its at least Mr. Shepard makes his agenda clear where as Mr. Tokin’, well IM not sure if we’re at church or a Grateful Dead show.

  4. brianmpei says:

    Yes, Pastor Shepherd is an over the top version of some real life folks. The truth is Pastor Shepherd is a very funny stand-up who knows well what he’s having some fun with. Busey is “in on it” at some point but not sure he’s got enough brain power left to remember “it” for the whole shoot.

    Prayer Hour has a few episodes available on line.

  5. Michelle Hixson says:

    Oh man.. You got me Brian.. I had NO idea what was going on there for a while.. YIKES 🙂

  6. Brian,

    Thank you for sharing the good word. You will now be blessed.


    Pastor Shepherd

  7. brianmpei says:

    Thank you Pastor Shepherd. It’s an honor to be among your blessed flock. My cheque is in the mail.

  8. Greg says:

    Pastor Shepherd has shown us a very dark but very real side of religion that sometimes even the true believers can’t see. Giving money and resources to help those in need is truly a great thing…giving to build egos and personal dreams is quite another. Great lesson, awesome humor, I give him a 10!!

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