Proof the Devil is Real

mac-snack-wrap1This diet thing is hard enough without McDonald’s pulling this kind of stuff.

“Let’s take a Big Mac and wrap it in a tortilla – that’s healthy, right?” Sadly, I’m pretty sure a couple months ago i would’ve been first in line at the drive thru for one (o.k., three) of these. A big change in my diet routine came when the elusive Donna, feeling sympathetic for me, brought home some oatmeal cookies. I saw the container and had one of the cookies in my hand on it’s way to my mouth when I decided to stop and just check out the calorie count on the box. 160 calories. Per cookie. At the gym I go to I start my exercise with a bike ride. It’s a pretty high tech bike and it tells me, when I’m finished, how many calories that ride burned up. At that stage my typical ride would use up 150 calories. I’ve always been terrible at math but that equation was simple enough for even me. 1 cookie = 15 minutes on the bike. Yeeeouch!

So the cookie went right back into the box.

I wish every temptation in my life came as clearly marked as that when it comes to what it will cost me to give in. Hindsight is great for that but not terribly helpful for avoiding it to begin with.


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2 Responses to Proof the Devil is Real

  1. The truth shell set you free is once again relevant.

    If you need help staying away from the fast food then I recommend you pick-up a copy of Supersize Me. That should help!

  2. brianmpei says:

    I think of “Supersize Me” often.

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