Spaced Out & Gathered In

spacedoutgatehred-inThat’s the title of a tiny book I read 25+ years ago. Just what I needed at the time.

The creative stuff has all been going other places lately. I still love to write but most of my writing is going into talks and a workshop I’m doing at the moment. I’ve been talking about “Making Sense of the Bible” and it’s taken a lot of time for research, development, writing and prepping the visuals. It’s been good but challenging as I’m trying to suggest that the Bible is full of things we didn’t know and actually absent of things we’re sure must be there.

My first week of my first semester of Bible College I went page by page through the Bible looking for things that I KNEW were there. Only they weren’t. Oddly enough, I’ve spent the last 20 years unlearning things I was taught at Bible College were in the Bible but turns out, not so much.


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