10 Things That I Miss

kid on dirt pileDoing some thinking lately. So far on my holidays I’ve been doing chores and that gives me a lot of thinking time. This is potentially dangerous to all mankind.

During the 5 month gap between getting my final credits and the graduation ceremonies at the college I attended I worked at a machine shop. It was a lathe that was run by a computer and all day long it was push button, put hunk of metal in, push button, watch lathe run, push button, take finished piece of future air to air missile out, rinse, repeat. Most of the thoughts crowding my brain today I still blame on that 5 months in the shop.

Here’s my list from the last 3 days…

I miss…
1. Wrestling with my kids.
2. The simplicity and freedom of an abject lack of possessions.
3. Lightning bugs dancing through the humid air of a summer night at dusk.
4. The nitrogen rich smell of Illinois cornfields separated by sticky tar covered roads.
5. People whose stories I should have paid more attention to.
6. The days when a week of summer vacation felt like it took a whole month to go by.
7. Long, aimless walks in the woods.
8. A lack of the awareness of my own mortality.
9. Bedtime stories and good night prayers.
10. Playing on mountains of dirt around the foundations of soon to be constructed homes.

What are you missing and where did you leave it?


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3 Responses to 10 Things That I Miss

  1. TJ says:

    I miss…
    1. Getting tickled and laughing til the tears ran.
    2. The wrinkled skin on the back of my grandmother’s hands, and counting the freckles there.
    3. Saturdays at the beach with my mom and brother, washing down cold chicken with warm orange pop.
    4. Lying in a field on a summer night watching the northern lights.
    5. No responsibilities.
    6. Walking barefoot, everywhere.
    7. Easter and Christmas suppers with tables full of every kind of Ukranian food and all the relatives.
    8. My Grandfather’s stories.
    9. Time, with nothing to do, nothing to plan, nothing to think of.
    10. The first time I did something, anything, everything.
    Where did I leave it? Behind…back there…I left it for the stuff I have today, that I’ll be missing tomorrow, when it’s yesterday’s stuff.

    • brianmpei says:

      An elegantly beautiful list TJ! I was also thinking of #10 as the list grows smaller as the years go by! Thanks for contributing! Now go take your shoes off and walk around!

  2. Jeff says:

    What? you don’t miss Breakaway? didn’t make the top ten. Man… just kidding.
    Tash and I miss seeing the Metzgers more then once year.

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