What Makes A Fat Person Fat?

gluttonyHere’s the simple answer: they eat. Here’s the simple solution: stop eating.

What makes a person sinful? Stay with me here…they sin! Here’s the simple solution: stop sinning.

What makes an alcoholic an alcoholic? They drink! Simple solution: stop drinking.

What makes a dead person dead? They die! See how simple this is? Solution: stop dying.

Somebody said saving the world could be hard – even dangerous – please, it seems simple to me.

What else can I help you with?


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9 Responses to What Makes A Fat Person Fat?

  1. I think it is rather simple…. but not easy.

    Not that you could necessarily convince someone not to do something… usually we have to burn our hand a couple of times before learning the burner is hot (ok ok… I do anyway)…..

    But I’ve found that having direction has been helpful.

    All of a sudden… being accountable to someone who had experience with the very things I was struggling with…. they were telling me “do this”….. as opposed to the old message “don’t do this, that and the other thing”…

    While sinning I’ve always known the sinful act to be wrong… except when I was totally pickled with alcohol because then nothing seemed wrong in my totally intoxicated mind…. but that’s another angle on that problem. Having clear direction to do something different and the humility to be honest about whatever is going on so as not to fall into old traps and temptations has always been helpful to me. I’ve heard “don’ts” all my life… with good intention but all the “don’ts” didn’t help as much as some “dos” that I received.

    I mean, in some ways, I was totally unaware that I was setting myself up for failure by putting myself in bad positions until I had directions given to me by people who had experience with victory over the “stop being fat”, “stop drinking”…etc… problems.

    $0.02 worth once again!

    • brianmpei says:

      I hear what you’re saying Yves. I definitely benefited by people telling me to exercise and what not to eat as well as showing me how to exercise. At the same time, dieting revealed to me that I eat often for reasons other than being hungry. Until I deal with those reasons I’ll keep coming back to food the wrong way.

  2. Ian says:

    One could suppose that not being overweight, subject to death, an addicted person, or a transgressor is to have victory in what we call this life. I do not suppose this. One might say that I do not suppose this because it is not the reality of this life; this is true, though it be a possibility, I would yet affirm that not being overweight, et cetera, is not victory in this life.

    Any thoughts?

  3. JD says:

    The funny display of CBT. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

  4. Yves says:


    In my opinion, if alcohol, overeating..etc… is not a “vice” in your life.. then maybe there is no victory to be had in any of those areas, but for someone who has that “vice”, it is a movement from despair to hope…. which is part of “the victory”. A change in attitude, mind and spirit.

    Without a state of despair, I doubt that there is any “need” in an individual for any “victory”…. at least from the point of view that the person feels. There is in fact a need, it just remains unseen.

    A thief is fine with being a thief until he can see the harm done to others and the in fact himself for what it’s worth. So he doesn’t “need” victory over his/her “vice” or “problems” or whatever (so he/she thinks)….

    Some of my opinion.

  5. Donna Wigmore says:

    What about how being open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit leaves you totally free? We don’t really have to fight sin but let God do it; open up to being in the moment with God and what He wants to do with us.
    I’m thinking…

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