The Quotable Leonard Sweet

I’m chewing on this today and finding it resonate with so much of the geography of where my own walk with Jesus has led me to…

“As Moses found out on the peaks of Mount Sinai, the closer he journeyed to God, the more he was enveloped in mist and “unknowing.” As Aaron discovered at the foot of Mount Sinai, the farther people journeyed from God, the more they became certain what God looks like and cast the golden calf.”

Lately I feel heart-sick over the emails I receive, almost daily, that focus on ‘destiny’, ‘transferring the wealth of the wicked over to the righteous’, ‘revival’ and Christian numerology that reveals an immense boredom with Jesus. He, even more than the elusive Donna to whom I am married, proves to be bigger on the inside than on the out, simple and complex.


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8 Responses to The Quotable Leonard Sweet

  1. Michelle says:

    Well said! Although I have no idea who Leonard Sweet is… (or what Christian numerology is for that matter!)

  2. brianmpei says:

    Leonard reads, writes, teaches and inspires for a living. Good gig if you can get it.

    Christian numerology is the combination of traditional Christian belief with the pagan (in the classical sense) belief in omens and portents in numbers – ie. 09-09-09. The problem is God speaking to us with 09-09-09 (supposedly ‘judgment’ Xs 3) is that it’s incredibly ethnocentric and doesn’t account for the majority of the world who aren’t aware that it IS 09-09-09. I’m pretty sure God is not really operating on the Current Era calendar.

    You’re writing some brilliant stuff by the way!

  3. Hey Brian, I’ve found a simple solution – unsubscribe 🙂

  4. TJ says:

    Thoughts from the cab of my truck:
    …lately I’ve been getting words rolling around…today… ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’…but not in the accepted or well known way…extraordinary, as in not just the ordinary, but the even more ordinary than the ordinary…the extra ordinary…
    Unlike the ‘immense boredom with Jesus’ that you’ve been reading about, I’m so very filled with all the details in the most common, the most simple, the most extra ordinary things that He’s created in this world. How could a person get bored with sooo much of this extra ordinary stuff around us?
    Bored people are usually lazy people…too lazy to make an effort, to discover, investigate, imagine…looking for the next thrill to be presented to them, and the next, and the next…like the glutton that looks for the next dish, never satisfied, never taking the time to taste or smell or experience the food, just consuming and consuming…
    And there’s my parking space…park, get out, hoof it to the office…there’s the lady who walks her son to school each morning, talking about Spiderman and lunch and socks…and the road crew that meets each morn with the retired guy to sip coffee and talk politics…the birds that nest in the eves of the church are chasing each other through the trees scrapping over something…the tourists from the bus are snapping pictures of everything and nod ‘hello’ to the few people that are out on the streets…there’s the smell of coffee from Beanz and bacon from Cora’s….oh how very, wonderfully, extra ordinary.

  5. TJ – I hope you have a blog – I’d like to subscribe.

    The picture that I get when I think of bored Christian thrill seekers?

    a wild donkey in heat – sniffing the wind – looking everywhere to fulfill the craving – from Jer 2

    Not pretty.

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