I’m Back

Did you miss me?

Today was the day to come to a decision about CV. My domain name rights were running out and I had set that as the point I would decide to blog again or step off for good. So here’s my decision.

I’ll be revising things here but will return, at least, to my commitment to post something every day(ish).

There’s a lot to write about, stories to tell and trouble to get myself into.

Some unresolved issues still linger. I’m still not sure how to wonder out loud without causing people who know and love me and who read CV to worry. How do I get people to take my thoughts seriously but not take my wondering all that seriously. I also don’t have a handle on how to write about things that I think are crazy without people I care about feeling like I’m calling THEM crazy because they’re into whatever I’m calling ‘nuts’.

One thing that I’m absolutely sure about is that everything is not good. It’s not all equal and living a life focused on grace and mercy doesn’t mean I can’t point out that the king is actually naked. In fact, I think that that’s exactly what grace and mercy does. Indifference is not love.

So in the days to follow I’ll be telling stories on myself, some stuff life is teaching me, some stuff I’m wrestling with and just generally sharing the journey again from my perspective, a perspective marked by a deep crack that runs right through my virtue.

The picture with this post is supposed to symbolize my over-inflated view of self. The Elusive Donna would tell you it’s SO me.

Welcome back!


About brianmpei

Stumbling towards what comes next.
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5 Responses to I’m Back

  1. J & P Witty says:

    Sweet! You’re back!

  2. nathan says:

    …I didn’t know you blogged.

  3. Yves says:

    Still got your RSS feed in my reader.

    So I won’t miss a beat.

    Hope you’re well man.

  4. Michelle says:

    I removed your RSS feed from my reader a week before you decided to continue blogging. Go figure. The situation has been fixed.

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