Disturbing Music Friday

Wouldn’t it be great if people couldn’t possibly conceive a song like this makes sense? Wouldn’t it be something if we actually bought the idea that this Jesus thing is supposed to be a revolution rather than a path to getting everything I always wanted? Wouldn’t it be crazy if we all cased in our “heaven when I’m done” certificates and actually lived like the Kingdom of God was among us?

Late last night I read this: (it comes via Maria MacKay at C.T.)

“Radical living was not only for the early church believers, but is what the church of today is also called to, says one pastor.

Francis Chan’s latest book, Crazy Love, has sold one million copies worldwide, a figure he says demonstrates the extent to which he is not alone in feeling a sense of frustration with ‘comfortable’ Christianity.

Speaking at the Christian Resources Exhibition today, Chan said he had experienced resistance to the radical extent of his service for Christ, not from non-believers but from fellow believers.

He said that all Christians were called to live like the early church believers who denied themselves, took up their crosses, sold their possessions to the poor, and shared everything they had.

“To me it’s crazy to live any other way than a completely radical lifestyle,” he said.

“It wasn’t just for the apostles. It wasn’t just for the early believers. It’s for us today.”

He lamented that Christians were too often “missing it” – the level of commitment and passion to spreading the Gospel demonstrated by the early church.

“You go to church these days and you stare forward and sing a couple of songs and listen to the message and go home,” he said.

“Haven’t you wondered how come everyone’s so content and everyone acts like this is the norm and this is ok when in your heart it’s driving you crazy and it doesn’t square with Scripture?”

He said it was easy for Christians to say “Amen” to sharing in the fellowship, resurrection and glory of Christ, but not so easy for them to say “Amen” when it came to sharing in His sufferings.

Even though it could be difficult, Chan told Christians it was in the midst of the danger and conflict that came with going out into the world and making disciples that the real peace of Jesus could be experienced.

“I feel very concerned for those people who walk into these buildings we call church and think they are Christians because they said a prayer and made a decision,” he said.

“Saying a prayer means nothing if there’s no follow through.”

He continued: “Where’s the obvious truth and where’s the obedience cos I think we’ve missed some obvious things and created a system that doesn’t really make sense and we’ve done that because we don’t really want to live out Christianity, we don’t really want to become like Christ.

“Do you really want to be like Christ – rejected your whole life, spit upon, crucified? … We don’t want that part of Christ and yet it is those times when we are rejected for the Gospel that we really feel the peace and come to remotely resemble Jesus.”

Chan’s appearance at this year’s international CRE comes just weeks after he announced to Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, that he was stepping down after 16 years as its senior pastor.

He said he had decided to leave the church he and his wife planted because he feared that he liked his popularity too much.

He spoke of his admiration for fellow evangelical pastor John Piper, who recently announced that he was taking a year off to tackle his pride.

Chan will deliver his final sermon at Cornerstone later in the month. He said he plans to move with his family to a developing country.”

Catch that last line? “He said he plans to move with his family to a developing country.” Francis, come on, you’re taking this Jesus thing waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously. The rest of us can’t be wrong. Right?


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6 Responses to Disturbing Music Friday

  1. Michelle says:

    Brian, don’t lay this on me today. I’m already preoccupied praying for my McMansion.

    • Michelle says:

      ‘Cause God WANTS “good things” for us right? Ask and ye shall receive? Am I not faithful enough? Help me here. HELP ME JESUS! I believe (you want me to be rich); help my unbelief. (Please note: the previous message may be sprinkled (doused in) with sarcasm.)

      • brianmpei says:

        Sorry Michelle – I was putting extra padding on the cross I’m apparently supposed to be carrying when I got a splinter that put me in a bad mood and made me post that…

  2. Lori McDonald says:

    ah hah hah. I really did laugh out loud at you guys and thought you should know.

  3. Claire Muir says:

    …I just found this sad.

  4. donna wigmore says:

    Years ago, at another church, something wonderful was happening with the prayer lives of many people. We were praying more as a group, too and singing praises. It was real and it felt like what was happening in the early church. I was getting excited and wanted more so I asked someone if they thought we could grow enough to start sharing everything. Like they did in the early church. I couldn’t find anyone with anything who wanted that to become a reality. That was when I was really broke, I guess it sounds better coming from someone with a few bucks. Maybe now is the time and maybe we are the people.
    Jesusland is on the soundtrack to Driving Lessons, a movie I think everyone should see. Sad parody of Christianity, it pokes fun of what needed to be ridiculed.

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