Thinking About It…

Here’s a list of what’s on my mind today…

1. I had an epiphany this weekend. I was in a meeting, a crowded meeting, when something was presented that made no sense to me. I scanned the crowd and it seemed to make sense to everyone else or everyone else just really didn’t care. At that moment I had my epiphany, personally I blame my personal Yoda, Greg Mac, because it was his voice in my head that said, “Care about this just as much as everyone else in the room, no more, no less.” Matching everyone’s level of caring created a sudden rush of peace for my little brain. I have a bad feeling about the long term consequences of this approach but the short term benefit of not being a troublemaker was exhilarating!

2. People, by and large, prefer the fake to the real. I get that but I don’t like it. I also can’t figure out what to do about it.

3. I’ve almost finished reading a new book that has me convinced how badly I suck at what I do for a living. The book doesn’t really know me so it’s nothing personal. The writer is basically defining what makes a Church really work in our part of the world and frankly, he knows a whole lot more about that than I do. My, “tell the truth” approach is clearly not affective.

4. Recently I was told about an effort to censor what someone else was writing about. The “Home Office” was getting some complaints. I still can’t get my head or heart around the fear of ideas.

5. Nobody likes a whiner.


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7 Responses to Thinking About It…

  1. duffy says:

    What’s the book?
    I’m reading Quenching The Spirit by William DeArteaga right now; tis pretty good read.

    • brianmpei says:

      Saw you were reading that on FB. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts after. Have you read Lee Grady’s book, “What Happened to the Fire?”

      The book I’m referring to above is “Making a Good Church Great” by Steve Sjogren. I really like Steve and I even like this book a lot.

  2. Claire Muir says:

    …how badly you “suck” as compared to whom or what?

    ..and what really does make “Church work”?
    I’ve been having this very conversation with a person close to me lately. Questions they raise to me (since they’ve stopped attending) are – Does church “work” through the social clics that get set up in them? Does it work through a who’s who of favourite people, name dropping and the latest new christianeze music? Is it working when one feels like it’s missing some pretty integral stuff – but saying so, won’t make a difference. And being told “if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem”?
    I have no real good answers for them except to not give up on the Church(the “Bride”) itself!
    Is this what you’re reading about? We’d like some answers!!

    Thanks, as usual!

    • brianmpei says:

      -As compared to what makes a church grow.

      -the book I’m reading delivers some pretty clear metrics. It doesn’t really get into the questions you’ve listed.

  3. John says:

    Well Brian; it seems we are even more alike than I first thought. The problem with this though is that like many of the “God Guys” in the Book, we tend to be frustrated, marginalized, and dismissed a great deal of the time.
    It would seem that most of the guys God spoke to at all, were the Salmon swimming upstream, some got so P.Ohhhd, they tried to run away or silence the voice in their hearts saying “this is not the way I mean the world to be”. You know as well or better than me that this approach rarely worked for them, so in the end, they mostly just carried on proclaming, and to H, E, double hockeysticks with the consequences! The Boss always honoured the effort, even if “E” is the grade here on Terra Firma! Keep the Faith Brother

  4. greggmac says:

    1. Everyone seems to prefer the Emporer’s new clothes
    2. People prefer the fake because it it easier to be fake than real and more people will like you. It is also easier to live with opinions rather than convictions.
    3. Don’t know what to say about the book not having read it but I do know telling the truth pi??es people off. The guy who told the most of it was spiked to a cross for His trouble.
    4. Ideas have always scared the crap out of religion cases in point the inquisition (counter reformation for some) and jihad
    5. True that.

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