Coming Soon

Check this out.

Lining up bookings across the Maritimes!

The BBC Office was so funny because it was so painfully uncomfortable. The only way it could be that uncomfortable was if it was hitting pretty close to home.

I’m just sayin’.


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15 Responses to Coming Soon

  1. duffy says:

    haha, a generation of flamers, thats funny

  2. Brad says:

    I would hope this is part of CCC’s youth program.

  3. This is hilarious…and a little frightening. Thanks for posting it!

  4. Michelle says:

    Hehe. I like it!

  5. Phil says:

    Sadly and unsurprisely I recoginze that I have been in many of these meetings and acted like this dough hole myself. Which I ask forgiveness for. On a serious note, I think youth ministry is looking and going to look so different than it use to in this coming age. I don’t even know if it’s going to be labelled “youth ministry” or it’s going to look very different than just building true relationships and loving the younger generations. On a less serious note…”flamers” HAH classic

    • brianmpei says:

      I think you’re right Phil. I think the church will follow that same path. But not the whole church. And that’s where it will get, m, ugly.

  6. njm says:

    Is this from SNL? It can’t be for real????

  7. greggmac says:

    WOW. Is this !*%$(&^$)%&@ for real and do people actually pay him cause if they do they are stupider than him. Now I know a lot of folks have their heads up their butts but this is ……………………….

  8. Dean says:

    Holy laugh my @** CLEAN off! Reminds me a bit of confession night at Canoe Cove in the chapel – remember that Brian? “Anyone have anything they’d like to confess?” Man, did I get FAR more than I bargained for. I remember looking back at you with with that “uh-oh” look. If you don’t remember, I’ll refresh your memory! 🙂

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