Johnny Shirt Lessons

Some stuff I’ve recently learned…

10) A hospital bed is a great spot to hear from God.

9) Sometimes you have to take meds. Embrace it.

8) Some of us like lots of visitors. Some of us like to crawl under the porch, in the dark, by ourselves – like Old Yeller – ’til we get better or die.

7) Doctors often guess. Hopefully this is not true of Pilots.

6) Do NOT trust your wife to tell you what the blood pressure monitor actually says.

5) Somebody HAS to be the first person a nurse has drawn blood from.

4) Yes, they can see your butt. Roll with it.

3) Unless you are dead, someone in Emerge is worse off than you are.

2) 10 seconds after you pee you will be asked for a urine sample.

1) Control is an illusion.


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Stumbling towards what comes next.
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10 Responses to Johnny Shirt Lessons

  1. njm says:

    Blessings to all who work in the hospitals. No one wants to go there, but how wonderful to be there when you can’t breath, etc. Since you compiled this list, you must be feeling better. That’s a good thing!!!!

  2. altonwoods says:

    A hospital bed is a great spot to hear from God.

    Perhaps there’s some sort of connection to our being forced into a prone position,fed bad food,poked with needles, and having our privacy/modesty brushed aside like the pretenses they are that somehow improves our hearing…It’s just a theory

  3. Don Rousu says:

    Great stuff, Brian! And having recently spent a week in the hospital on two separate occasions, I heartily concur with your observations.

  4. lori mcdonald says:

    So I’m confused….do you like visitors or not????
    Are you saying that you are like Old Yeller?

  5. Dean says:

    How about this one: the led belt they put on your groin to protect you from x-rays does not mean it’ll cover what’s beneath when they read the film thingy in front of you and two young nurses.

    Funny post – and sobering/true ending. 🙂

  6. Ivy Murphy says:

    someone must be feeling better. 🙂

  7. Lindsay M says:

    So I guess we won’t come visit then!

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