One of My Favourites

Here’s a song/video of Brian Houston from Belfast, N. Ireland.

I had an invitation from my friend Paul to come over to their church in Belfast for a worship conference that he and Robin Mark were hosting at Paul’s church. My friend Roger and I went and Paul promised to look after accommodations and tickets for us to the concert. I think he was a little surprised we actually made the trip but he did have places for us to stay and we had a great time involving the conference but including great hosts, a great city and a meal with some French believers where they explained why God created wine and how it should best be enjoyed to bring Him glory.

The night of the big concert it became clear that Paul had forgot about a ticket for me. A friend who was also there offered to give me an extra ticket that she had and I gratefully accepted. I showed up with my ticket in the huge venue and kept moving closer and closer to the front with my free ticket. Finally I realized I was out of rows and landed first row centre. May God bless Janet forever.

The crowd was there for Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin and Robin Mark. But all of a sudden this guy, Brian Houston, comes on stage in a suit with a band and begins to play a short set. It was some of the most incredible music I’ve ever heard. It was like discovering the right needle in a stack of needles. I connected with his Irish humour and the depth of his lyrics. I was ready to go after his set, I could’ve set by the river and replayed it over in my head.

I didn’t. (Leave front row centre? Get real.)

But I could have.

I’ve been listening to him a lot lately on my iPod and thought I’d share a slice today. Would love to hear your reaction to his music.


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4 Responses to One of My Favourites

  1. Don Rousu says:

    I went on and listened to a few more clips. What’s not to like?

  2. Michelle says:

    My dad quit drinking and started to go to church again every January. Usually by February everything was back to “normal.”

    I’m more and more convinced I’d like to steal your iPod.

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