Back To The Future

Let me fortell the future for a minute. Feel free to dig up my bones and burn them if this doesn’t turn out to be so.

Everything goes pop. Pop art, pop psychology, pop politics, pop history, pop cuisine, pop philosophy, pop religion, heck, even pop tarts.

But eventually (and it can be a long time coming – a slow, slow train) there’s backlash. A generation comes along that’s had it with empty promises, unfilled expectations and the obvious lies that have propped up the institution that has grown up around a transient pop expression of something real.

Recently I heard a futurist, not a church goer, who said that from everything he’s seeing the Church building of the future will look like the little bungalow tucked into the middle of your residential block. I suspect he’s right.

I really think the way ahead is to go back.

I used to be part of something called “The Restoration Movement”. The premise was that we needed to get back to the Bible, doing things the New Testament Church way. Ultimately the folly of the movement is seen in the vast number of splits that have occurred over time. It turns out that we aren’t asked to get back to what the New Testament says but what “we” say the New Testament says and “we” keep splintering over exactly what that is.

That’s not the kind of “back” I’m talking about.

This is the kind of “back”.


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7 Responses to Back To The Future

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve seen that video before. I think I came across it when I was trying to figure out what the heck “missional church” meant! I think I understand most of the jargon now 😉

  2. Jeff says:

    Pretty cool video and makes a LOT of sense!

  3. TJ says:

    Which came first..the chicken or the egg?
    Which came first…the relationship or the word?…
    The relationship! Can’t tell your story if you don’t have one…
    So…have relationship…tell the story…inspiring more relationship…and more stories…and the pebble dropped in the pond creates a ripple that creates another, and on and on and outward and expanding…
    Oh…so simple… it’s simply brilliant!
    Which means I gotta get to my list and start working on the ‘what I say doesn’t matter at all so just shut up’ item…
    Cuz ‘this lil light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine….this lil light of mine…’
    turning 51…i think i found my voice…mr tj thinks i should also find the edit button… >”<

  4. donna wigmore says:

    I like this missional church idea. I guess that’s what we’re living, imperfectly. It’s that imperfection that makes me uncertain how to proceed when someone is curious about God and God in my life. But I am starting to be okay with that uncomfortableness and I wish less and less that they could get to a church and hear the real thing.

    • brianmpei says:

      doing it imperfectly…that’s exactly right! I think it always comes down to just sharing your story and letting people take away from it what they like. We were never asked to make decisions, we were asked to follow so we don’t have to ask people to make decisions, we just invite them to come along and follow!

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