Brian Metzger Died

The back door to WordPress allows me to see how people get here from wherever their there is. The other day it told me that someone landed at Cracked Virtue by googling, “Brian Metzger died”. Sigh. I want to think that that’s not a threat or a warning or a premonition. I want to.

I suppose that it means that somewhere out there one of my other selves has passed away. Somewhere Brian Metzger, and we are many, has died. Frankly it’s a little disconcerting. We had neighbours once who had a little boy named Joshua and he was the same age as our son Joshua. They played together while we lived next door but during that whole time he would only call our Josh by his first AND last name. Always. At all times. Because he knew he was Joshua and there couldn’t be two of him. Seeing that google search made me realize how unique I consider my life to be. “There can be only one” was the tag line for the movie Highlander and kind of how I feel about me.

I’ve googled myself. There. I’ve admitted it. I’ve also facebooked myself. And dear God, there are a lot of me. Some of me are really smart, there’s an astrophysicist out there, an entrepreneur, an animator, a couple doctors and a financier. There are some tall me’s, short me’s, skinny me’s (thank God that’s covered!), some bald me’s, some hairy me’s, a lot of white me’s but at least one black me (hopefully realizing my dream of being a black Baptist preacher somewhere), there are some younger me’s and a few older me’s. (and hopefully a me that knows for sure whether or not that apostrophe belongs there.)

But recently we became one less and it’s got me thinking.

There’s a whole lot I want to do that I haven’t done yet. There’s a ton of stuff that I feel really strongly about that I just don’t give time to or feel like I have time for. And that’s bugging me. I suppose I can take some solace in that whatever I don’t get done here there are bunch of other Brian’s that will cover it for me. And I am going to write a book.

But today I’m a little sad because Brian Metzger died.


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7 Responses to Brian Metzger Died

  1. sweetlybroken says:

    You are too funy. I must admit that I have also Googled myself and I am one smart, talented, messed up, truly brilliant, just born, been dead for years and years, artsitic, doing hard time, saving lives with surgery and sacrificing all kinda person. Then I spend time with people who know me well and they help me to realize there really IS only one unique me (yes we can thank God for that one, go on and shout out an Amen). The rest of my name sakes have got the hard stuff covered for me so I can continue to be every bit me.
    Still waiting for the book……hint, hint……….

  2. The ever Elusive, refusing to make a direct comment, dislikes your title.

    I think it’s brilliant.

    Also I like the use of the Family Guy reaper.

  3. TJ says:

    So, you who are you is not dead…Bonus!
    Then I propose a living eulogy….!
    Welcome, all who have googled\linked\surfed here today to celebrate the living of Brian.
    I remember my first words with Brian…I was heading up the stairs at Hillsborough Community Center and was startled when he suddenly appeared from around a corner…”Jesus Christ!” I blurted….and he said “Well, no…but if I’m going to be mistaken for someone, that’s not a bad choice.”
    This divinely inspired stand up comic preacher has continued to amuse, inspire, and startle me and many, many others at CCC since that day.
    He’s an artistic, spiritually endowed, Tim-The-Tool-Man handicapped, T.D. Jakes wannabe, whose wonderful wife and three children have been left to groan on many occasions when personal family stories and pictures have been used in his preach.
    Let us pay an homage to Brian this week, by telling at least one embarassing story about our loved ones, while they are within earshot, and by shaking that salt shaker just one less time….he’ll thank you for it….or maybe even tell a story about you some Sunday!
    Now…it’s your turn…all you who are here…reading this post….a few words about the living…give him a giggle or three…

    • Judy says:

      I remember the first time I heard this guy speak. My hubby and I were visiting CCC when it was at the Guild (that’s a while back.) We loved the atmosphere of worship and we knew most of the songs … and then this guy stood up and walked to the podium. He looked like, well, just your average Joe. And he talked like he was standing across the fence from you. He was honest – thoughtful – serene – and real. His passion for God and his compassion for people came through in everything he said. I don’t remember much about the text, or the points he raised. But I do remember thinking, “I gotta get to know this guy someday.”

      Through no fault of his, things didn’t work out for us to attend CCC and make it our home church. But I resolved to remember the name – and (amazing for me, a person who doesn’t remember names) I did! Imagine my surprise when I found this blog, several years later – and began to tentatively forge an e-friendship with someone I’ve only seen from several feet away!!

      All I can say at this point is this – I’m glad that the Brian Metzger who died isn’t this one….

  4. Michelle says:

    I recall what you once said, maybe on a Sunday, about not being afraid of death -just dying too soon, like before the end of a great story. That stuck with me because it is very much how I feel. I’m not afraid of the process of dying or even what’s on “the other side” so much as I anticipate mourning all the experienced not lived. I know a small part of me is afraid I’m not “good enough” to face judgement yet. I am still working on that one. Working on not working on… Trying to find acceptance of what is while still striving to improve… It’s all so complicated -and yet simple. Ack. Brain freeze.

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