I Try Not To Worry

If you’ve been reading here lately you know I’ve been dealing with some health issues.

The short version, for those who don’t want a rerun, my blood pressure went nuts, I developed some strange stomach issues and I’ve been living large with general anxiety and panic attacks.

Shortest version: good times.

Today I started a new med for my blood pressure and, as it promised, enjoyed a great deal of light-headedness today. I also had my first normal blood pressure reading in over 2 and a half months. Score.

Then I read over the little page that came with the new meds. I’ve got to stop doing that.

Here’s part of what I read. “Don’t drink too much water” it said, “too much water can be just as bad as not enough water.” I wish I was kidding you.

Too much water? I had no idea you could, short of drowning, drink too much water! But it doesn’t even tell you how much is too much. A fourth glass? A fifth? Maybe I’ve already crossed the line and I’m in way over my head! This is not the kind of advice that someone dealing with anxiety attacks should be getting.

I wonder if chocolate milk is bad for me?


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7 Responses to I Try Not To Worry

  1. Justin says:

    Too funny. My interpretation is that if you’re in the ocean and you keep drinking water, that is too much and you’ll drown. I have actually heard that WAY too much water is dangerous, but we’re talking like way beyond the normal reccomended intake.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better otherwise!

  2. Justin says:

    Love to! You’re sure you don’t want to come for the 30ft waves? There’s nothing stressful about that at all…

  3. I think you can get to the 5th glass of wine and still be okay 🙂 Thought of you as we met your counterparts in Western Canada. Pneuma church in Vancouver was almost a replica of CCC. 40 leaders met with me on Friday.. On Saturday, I met with business leaders and then spoke on Sunday. I fell in love with them, much the same as us with you. Also Andreas and Irmari Basson were sent to Canada from South Africa, and a few years from now they will be full on Canadians as like you Canada is their peeps…. Cannot wait to see all of you and we are rooting you on…..

  4. Michelle says:

    I try not to read the medication insert unless I’m having symptoms. I usually ask the pharmacist if there is anything important I need to know and leave it at that. But hey, I’m neurotic so I need to guard myself from crazy thoughts.

  5. TJ says:

    Sooo glad the meds are working and it didn’t take too long to get the right ones…waiting for relief is sometimes the hardest part.
    Just curious…how the heck did you make it through puberty, getting married, having three kids and becoming a pastor without losing all your hair and your stomach lining? Oh shoot…maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the stomach lining…now you’ll probably worry about that…

  6. BrianD says:

    The reason for not drinking too much water is because most of the blood pressure medications cause water retention. You will quickly figure out if you are having a problem with this. Many times, they will prescribe a diuretic to go along with the blood pressure meds.

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