Sitting here waiting for the fun to begin. Earl is coming to visit the Maritimes today. He’s supposed to land on the Island in about 4-5 hours but he knocks before he enters!

When we first moved here to PEI 19 years ago we were greeted by a hurricane/tropical storm. I remember looking out the picture window of the home we were staying in, watching a small tree bent over by the wind so that it’s leaves swept the grass. When we moved to Charlottetown 7 years ago it was Hurricane Juan that met us. The cottage we were staying in while we did renovations on the house felt like it was going to Oz. I woke up our boys who were sleeping in the other bedroom and made them join us so we were all together if the little cottage went airborne or if a cow came crashing through the roof. My oldest had been sleeping soundly through the howling wind and the rocking walls and went right back to sleep. I paced in front of the window while I watched things…oh look, a lawn chair…go flying by…wow, was that a lifejacket?…the cottage.

So Earl’s coming today and apparently has decided to slow down his arrival. I’m not sure if that is good or bad but I do know I’d rather face him in the daylight than at night. In the midst of all this is a chance to practice rest. It’s easy to be in rest when everything is going great but picture of real rest is the bird sitting on her nest while the hurricane rages all around. I want to, actually need to, recover the ability to stay in that place of rest despite my circumstances, regardless of the crazy that swirls around me.

I think I’ll go mow the lawn. Bring it, Earl!


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13 Responses to Earl

  1. Dave says:

    That is awesome!

  2. Don Rousu says:

    Peace to Earl. Peace to you!

  3. TJ says:

    And heere’s Earl!! It’d be awesome watching this at the beach…
    Nothing better to build a healthy respect for things we cannot control than watching the pounding surf.

  4. I love storms! As long as no one is hurt. I’ll be wave hunting a little later on!

  5. Terry Arsenault says:

    Your story sounds similar to our.
    Seven years ago God called us to moved out here to PEI and when we arrived to look for a home. We didn’t know it at the time, but we where racing just a few hours ahead of Hurricane Juan.
    We where so busy in Southern Ontario getting our house there ready to sale that previous week. That we didn’t know that Hurricane Juan was steaming up the east coast as we travel from Southern Ontario (Sarnia) to PEI.
    We where 20 minutes past Moncton (10:30 pm) and received a cell phone call from my brother in Souther Ontario.
    He asked where we were and we told him, he then told us that Hurricane Juan was about to hit PEI very soon. Also that we should turn back to Moncton and stay with our sister.

    We told him that if the Confederation Bridge is closed, then we will turn back.

    So as we arrived at the bridge a little while later, it was still open and we put on worship music and prayed and worship God all the way across that bridge. The wind was strong and our van shook and sway all the way across that bridge.

    Before we got this call, all this day God had put a deep urgency in our Spirits for us to push through and get to PEI ASAP. We just knew that in our Spirits that we had and urgency to get to PEI and nothing was going to stop us, but God.

  6. Michelle says:

    I was very prepared for this storm: bagged ice to fill up the freezer, laundry done and the evening meal cooked before noon, bath tub full of water, lots of candles, battery operated radio, etc. Therefore I am fairly certain nothing will happen. Supposedly the worst is yet to come though. I think, at worst, there will be some branches down and people without power.

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