Painted Into a Corner or Why There Is No Part Two

I started something that I can’t finish. I started “Time Travelling” and realize now that I can’t finish what I wrote. Or at least I can’t publish it here. I broke one of my rules here at CV, I used real names. I could change them now but that would pretty much become obvious. I’ve worked very hard in the past to make sure names were changed when I tell stories from my past or about my past. For me the stories are true but I’ve learned that my perspective isn’t always shared. I could go on and do a “cleaned up” version of things but when I start to write that’s not what comes out and in this case I’m finding truth is much better than fiction. So.

So first I’m apologizing for using real names. Mea culpa.

Second, I’m apologizing for not finishing.

I started the post on “Time Travelling” because I was intrigued by this simple idea, often the only way to understand the significance or the meaning of past events is from the vantage point of the future. So often we’re in the midst of moments we consider mundane or frustrating or painful but time and what unfolds during it, reshapes the event into something quite different from the moment as we experienced it in our past. And I love the idea of the road as metaphor, a physical object that connects us at points in both time and space.

To completely mix my metaphors, I seem to have collected moments like little snow globes and I can take them down, shake them up a bit and bring them back to momentary life as I ruminate on the point in time that’s captured there.

I’m far more fascinated with reality – but not reality tv – than I am with fiction. But then I suppose every good fiction has an element of reality or truth at it’s centre.

So pardon me for leaving you hanging.

But if you’ve read this far I’ll make you an offer. If you’d like the complete version with fake names, email me and I’ll send it to you if you’ll promise that it won’t get posted anywhere.


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One Response to Painted Into a Corner or Why There Is No Part Two

  1. Judy says:

    Someone whose opinion I respect a lot said once, “Just because we might hold to a certain belief doesn’t mean we always act according to that belief. It’s part of being human. We learn as we go.” Thank you for being courageous enough to admit you didn’t behave according to your own principles, and then to “resume normal programming.”

    I enjoyed the metaphor of the road, a man-made ribbon connecting space and time and each of us with each of them. Your vignettes made me think of my own, and remember that each of us affects our world in ways we don’t realize.

    Your thoughts make me think. Thank you.

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