I dig ‘Spooky’ Mulder as much as the next person. Well, maybe a lot more if the next person is my wife. But I’m astonished at our cultures tendency to jump to “conspiracy” when people step up and do something. I’m especially surprised (yes, still) when it happens in the context of the family or followers of Jesus. I’m even more surprised when it happens in the context of me.

I’m just not smart enough to pull off a conspiracy of any kind.

Once, back in my youth ministry days, I sent out a note with all of the students in the ministry to give to their parents. It detailed all of the activities we had planned for December and through the Christmas season. In one sentence I spelled Jesus with a lower case j. Later it came back to me that some parents were chatting with each other about this lower case “j” and what it meant. Some, I was told, had concluded I was subtly rolling out my new agenda to demote Jesus from incarnate deity to, well, not incarnate deity. My sneaky use of the lower case “j” was the signal to all so inclined that the time to promote Jesus as just a man had finally come.

Sometimes it’s just more simple than that. Someone didn’t get a Facebook “happy birthday” from me on their special day. Clearly, the story unfolds, I was hatching a plot of disconnection from them and hoping others would similarly notice, as they had, that my “happy birthday” was conspicuously absent.

There are, no doubt, conspiracies a foot but I think that 95% of suspected conspiracies are just really dumb people doing dumb things or forgetful people not doing something or stressed people getting something done without working it through. In other words, I think we need to lighten up and dial down our “conspiracy meters”. How about if we just try talking to people and asking them what they meant or why they did or didn’t do what they did or didn’t do?

I know a Dan Brown novel is a more exciting world to live in but truthfully Ockham got it right.

But then, maybe this is exactly what we want you to believe…

Sorry this isn’t a more Chritmasy post. Hmmmm, I wonder why not…


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11 Responses to Conspiracy

  1. greggmac says:

    This would really require that people take themselves less seriously and stop imagining that everyone else in their sphere thinks only and often of them. If people ain’t thinking of me then they can’t be conspirin’ agin me. I likes be’en fergotten.

  2. So you missed the shift key. Big deal. I agree with Greg. We have a tendency to take ourselves WAY too seriously … or to read too much into a simple oversight.

    Sigmund Freud, best known for his interpretation of dreams and his psychosexual stages of development (i.e., everything is about sex, okay it’s a bit simplistic but you get the idea) was once “psychoanalyzed” by one of his followers. Specifically with respect to his use of a cigar. Peeved, the old gentleman is said to have retorted, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!!”

    How radical… Just ask people what they meant instead of going off half-cocked and filling everyone’s minds’ behinds with verbal buckshot.

    You’d think it would catch on. Tsk. Merry Christmas!

  3. Brad says:

    It must be a family trait, but my conspiracies tend to be geared towards getting the last donut.

  4. Don Rousu says:

    Are you against Christmas, Brian. Have you fallen away from the faith?

    By the way, could I interest you in a drink?

  5. moris says:

    Most thought provoking this is.

  6. Jon Hallewell says:

    Thanks for making me laugh

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