Listening In

Here’s a video that sums up the heart and head of a generation. In some ways I think I must be a University student after watching this video. I think it’s insightful on many levels and those of another generation must connect with where this generation is at for us to all move forward together. Uni = University.

What do you think? Anything in this video resonate with you?


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9 Responses to Listening In

  1. yes I am still a student with you Brian….. I often think this way, wondering what I think i know, how much system is still in me diluting Christ and His abundant love for all. We miss you all up there, and we need to have a “thinker” session soon up on your land… Let’s look at some dates in early June if possible. Love you and rooting you on always!

  2. Katie says:

    We will always be students in learning Christ and how to push aside the thick walls that keep us from that authentic center of being like him. Peer pressures, persecutions and promises from those who say they understand us but only show by their actions later, they really were just kidding.
    But if we think we know it all, this Christ living, agape road walking exsistence, then we too have fallen for the same lack as those who were really ‘just kidding;’ not being authentic at all…..’welcome to existence.’ I can definitely relate to your purging on this video Brian….

  3. Don Rousu says:

    A great video! At 69, I don’t identify with the author’s space in life, but I certainly identify myself as a life long student. I feel an attraction to hang up with such people, just to listen sympathetically, and then to say, “I still don’t have answers to a lot of these struggles. All I know is that the experience of many years makes you more and more comfortable with ambiguity and paradox, perhaps because of the growing confidence that there is Someone who knows all, understands all, and promises to reveal His face in full one day.”

    • brianmpei says:

      Hmmm. O.K., maybe I’m 69 then. Mystery has become much more important and much more comfortable to me as the years go by! And it is, as you say, all about knowing who I have believed in and having confidence in him more than worry about the answers I still don’t have. You should be writing all this down Don!

  4. duffy says:

    this dude should move to the desert and become a hardcore monk!

  5. There’s still a very large part of me that wants to have it all figured out, that wants to know what’s going to happen ten years in advance, that envies those in our subculture who appear to have it all boiled down to one or two simple (albeit simplistic) platitudes. I’m learning, though, the truth behind what Albert Einstein said: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”

    Questions are good. The knowledge that I don’t know it all is not only humbling, it’s good for me. Wondering about life, wondering if I’ve got it right, these are useful exercises. It’s when I start to get blasé about it all and think I have it nailed, that I need to be more concerned, not less… one of the paradoxes of the Christian life.

    Yes. Yes, I’m a university student, appalled at my own self-centredness (i.e., my lack of Christ-centredness) and yet wondering who I really am – when all I need to know, after all is said and done, is Him.

  6. Darrell says:

    Love the line “I’m still trying to grow up in my own world”.

  7. I love how this expresses the feeling of being caught between two worlds that seem so artificially separated. Maybe I’m projecting, but that is how I feel sometimes. I want to bring more of my faith life (heart) into my intellectual academic pursuits and more of my critically honed questions (head) into my faith life and communities. This wrestling with head and heart is something I’ve longed to keep in tension for years – and it is hard. Many of my faith friends long for certainty that I’m convinced is more of an illusion and many of my academic friends long for a world of deconstruction which undermines all hope generating narratives. Both go too far and see each other as the enemy, when in reality they are both the only real hope for each other that there is. Well – outside of God, but I’m more convinced that God keeps letting these things collide because they offer the best correctives to each other. But maybe I’m projecting out of hope – wouldn’t that be just the way to deconstruct this away?

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