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So, Who’s Right?

I found myself in an interesting and frustrating conversation last night. I was meeting with a group of friends and had reserved a room via the internet at a particular location. Another friend who works at that location was there … Continue reading

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My Wife’s Reputation

About 10 years ago I was asked to speak to a group of people at a camp/retreat setting in Newfoundland. I was there with friends to make some new friends and tell stories about Jesus. I was speaking a few … Continue reading

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Do You Have A Stressful Job?

Recently, my visit to the Emergency room had me answering this question, “Do you have a stressful job?” It was also one of the questions that came up on my other 3 visits as they tried to figure out what … Continue reading

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I was talking with someone on the phone this morning who called me a heretic. The conversation was moving so fast I didn’t have a chance to disagree, argue or defend myself. The longer we talked the more he kept … Continue reading

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Pay Attention to Authority?

I attended a “webinar” today. It was on a “Postmodern Hermeneutic”. Pretty much makes you postmodern just saying you “attended” a webinar I suppose. It was an interesting presentation by Derek Morphew. Clearly a smart guy. My guess would be … Continue reading

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Theses 8 of 95

The Church Must Practice a Jesus Hermeneutic her⋅me⋅neu⋅tics  [hur-muh-noo-tiks, -nyoo-] –noun (used with a singular verb ) 1. the science of interpretation, esp. of the Scriptures. 2. the branch of theology that deals with the principles of Biblical exegesis. The … Continue reading

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95 Theses

How pretentious is that? I’ve got some thoughts about Church that I need to get out. I realized the other day that if I really intend this to be some kind of record of my life and a deposit for … Continue reading

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What have you done? (copy & bold your own) pt. 1

Found this at another blog, thought I’d play with it over here. I know this isn’t how you’re supposed to play with these things but I couldn’t just bold them without including a story or two…

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Censorsing Tim

Long ago in a State far, far away, I went to Bible College. Please don’t judge me. One of the rules at our school was that you weren’t allowed to have TV’s in your dorm room. This was primarily due … Continue reading

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