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Closing Time

I’ve been thinking and feeling lately that it’s time to shutter “Cracked Virtue”. I’ve strayed far from my original intentions and lately it’s been more about my take on theology than anything else. That’s not a bad thing, just not … Continue reading

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Painted Into a Corner or Why There Is No Part Two

I started something that I can’t finish. I started “Time Travelling” and realize now that I can’t finish what I wrote. Or at least I can’t publish it here. I broke one of my rules here at CV, I used … Continue reading

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Being Sick

There’s something both humbling and disturbing about being sick. Contrary to what some of my friends would tell you, I don’t get sick often. I get a sore throat, I get an infection, a bad cough, but rarely am I … Continue reading

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I’m Back

Did you miss me? Today was the day to come to a decision about CV. My domain name rights were running out and I had set that as the point I would decide to blog again or step off for … Continue reading

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Closed for the Season

Thanks for stopping by here. Thanks for any time spent reading my rambles. Thanks especially for comments left or comments you meant to leave. The time’s come for me to close up CV for the season. I’ve got lots to … Continue reading

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An Uneasy Silence

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, contemplation, ruminating on things: past, present & future. In some ways I feel like I’ve got more to say, and more worth listening to, than I ever have in my life. In … Continue reading

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Don’t Talk, Don’t Trust, Don’t Feel

This is the motto of dysfunction. It’s also the motto for a little thing we used to call “sin”. I was reading today about some significant things happening over at 100 Huntley Street. For those reading from outside of the … Continue reading

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Her 20% Was Better Than My 100%

I’m not sure I can say I’ve ever given 100% at anything. That’s one of my great vices or ugly parts of my personality. I tend to over think things. So if I start to think about giving anything 100% … Continue reading

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Being More Sicker.

I’m pretty sure that the common cold is a permanent reminder from God that we are not in control. We can go to the moon and back, we can split an atom and we can treat and cure many diseases. … Continue reading

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Home. Sick.

Home today. Gave in to the cold that’s been knocking at my door since Sunday night. Started as an allergic reaction to a house full of cats and went from there into my chest. Why am I telling you this? … Continue reading

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