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Despite everything I know and everything I’ve experienced, I am growing more and more aware that my default setting with God is still to think I can earn or lose his care for me and mine. When I slip into … Continue reading

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Overheard While Preaching

God knows we’re all just babies with dirty diapers trying to figure out how to change ourselves…

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Mumford & Sons Gets Me In The Mood

Oddly enough, I’m not a big fan of Christmas. I’m big on Christ but not so much the holiday as we observe it today. Nevertheless, today I listened to Mumford & Sons sing this one, an advent carol/hymn and I … Continue reading

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The Glass

Our mismatch drinking glass cupboard is the one just to the right of the sink. To the left is the cupboard with our dishes and our glasses that match. If you open the mismatch cupboard, you’ll find a few Nestle’ … Continue reading

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I turned 47 this past weekend. I spent my entire birthday on two different retreats. I woke up on my birthday in a very old and very posh inn at St. Andrew’s by the Sea. We were ‘bumped’ from the … Continue reading

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Being Healthy

Last night my beautiful wife treated me to a ticket to hear Douglas Coupland read. Coupland is this year’s Massey Lectures presenter. Resolutely being himself he turned the typical 5 part lecture into a story, a book really, that is … Continue reading

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Painted Into a Corner or Why There Is No Part Two

I started something that I can’t finish. I started “Time Travelling” and realize now that I can’t finish what I wrote. Or at least I can’t publish it here. I broke one of my rules here at CV, I used … Continue reading

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My Wife’s Reputation

About 10 years ago I was asked to speak to a group of people at a camp/retreat setting in Newfoundland. I was there with friends to make some new friends and tell stories about Jesus. I was speaking a few … Continue reading

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Follower: Going for 8th

The first house I remember living in was my home until I went into grade 3. I remember the backyard where we buried my first pet. I remember the front yard where I committed my first homicide by beheading my, … Continue reading

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I Try Not To Worry

If you’ve been reading here lately you know I’ve been dealing with some health issues. The short version, for those who don’t want a rerun, my blood pressure went nuts, I developed some strange stomach issues and I’ve been living … Continue reading

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