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Pop Quiz

For those Bible readers out there (or those willing to give it a try), I could use your help. We’re starting “Blue Parakeet” tonight and I’ll be giving a pop quiz to kick things off. I’d love to get some … Continue reading

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Here on the home front we’ve been reading through a short book in the New Testament called, Matthew. Right now we’re working through the “sermon on the mount” that takes up chapters 5-7. I’m using lots of resources for my … Continue reading

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What if…?

Here’s something to think about…

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Encyclopedias and Wikipedias

Last week I was at a gathering for the purpose of talking through issues related to “Doing Hermeneutics in a Postmodern Culture”. There were about a dozen of us there. Most from the Maritimes, one from Ontario, a couple from … Continue reading

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Luther and His 95 Theses

Today (May 25, 2009) is the anniversary of the Edict of Worms that declared Martin Luther a heretic. Since I’ve been posting my own 95 Theses I thought a word should be said about Martin and his work. “Emperor Charles … Continue reading

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Seek and You Will Find

How Do People Get Here? As you probably know, WordPress is kind enough to let us know how people end up at our sites. As a week goes by and then a month I’m often amused at the interesting search … Continue reading

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Adjusting the Set

I’ve been learning some things about perception in the last few weeks. I’m intrigued by my capacity to be engaged in the same thing at the same time in the same place with a person or group of people and … Continue reading

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Church Attendance

If you are “going to church” this week here are a hand-full of phrases to listen for. If you hear 3 or more of these there is a good chance the service is being televised and/or the preacher has big … Continue reading

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You Know?

Sometimes you come across gold deep in the internet mines. This is Taylor Mali and if you don’t laugh you’ll at least smile. There’s a big truth here that lurks just below, like, the surface.

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