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Tragedy in Sedona – Book Review

Have you ever heard about or maybe even watched unfold a story of seemingly bright people doing spectacularly stupid things and wondered, “Why?” Have you ever seen a group of people following someone like lemmings to their own death or … Continue reading

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Theses 11 of 95

The Church Must Not Add To Jesus One of the challenges that the Church has always faced is our tendency to “sanctify” our cultural baggage. For the Jews in the first century it was fine that Gentiles decided to follow … Continue reading

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One and For All

One of my main intentions with this blog is to leave something for my kids to give them a greater sense of who their dad is and what he thought about things. So for them and for any who wander … Continue reading

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Money For Nothin’ and the Chicks for Free…

This month’s series of talks at Church is called “Crave More Presence” and that’s not a typo. My friend Carl talked about it Sunday morning, I mentioned it and it’s been all over the news. A man, working at a … Continue reading

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