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Despite everything I know and everything I’ve experienced, I am growing more and more aware that my default setting with God is still to think I can earn or lose his care for me and mine. When I slip into … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz

For those Bible readers out there (or those willing to give it a try), I could use your help. We’re starting “Blue Parakeet” tonight and I’ll be giving a pop quiz to kick things off. I’d love to get some … Continue reading

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This Isn’t Normal

You know how “normal” is based on your personal experience? We grow up or live life and develop this sense of what is supposed to be mostly based on what is. Then one day we’re living side by side with … Continue reading

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I was reading the other day a new survey of pastors. The results suggested that the overwhelming majority of pastors who answered the survey did not hold the same beliefs or interpretation of the book of Revelation as their churches … Continue reading

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The Intolerant Parable

Imagine we’re all at a party together. Good food, good drink, good music. We’re all just milling about and engaging in random conversations around the room. Eventually we’re all sitting or standing or leaning somewhere comfortable and the whole group … Continue reading

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A man walks into a psychiatrist’s office. He has a raw piece of bacon dangling from each ear and a bird’s nest on top of his head. He sits down and says to the Doctor, “I’m here to talk to … Continue reading

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A Question For Those Who Acknowledge Evolution

If you don’t believe in the process of evolution as an explanation for the development of life on earth, you can stop reading right about here. Really, there’s nothing to see here… For those who do take evolution at face … Continue reading

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Follower: a 5th step

In my life I’ve experienced some holy moments. Someone called them “thin places” where the atmosphere between here and God seems so thin that you’re almost there. I’ve experienced “thin places” in the delivery room with all 3 of my … Continue reading

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What Kind of Story Are You In?

One of my favourite movies, and most blogged about, is Stranger Than Fiction. The main character, Harold, finds himself living a narrated life. He literally hears a voice telling him what he’s doing, what he’s thinking and what he’s going … Continue reading

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Do You Have A Stressful Job?

Recently, my visit to the Emergency room had me answering this question, “Do you have a stressful job?” It was also one of the questions that came up on my other 3 visits as they tried to figure out what … Continue reading

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