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So, Who’s Right?

I found myself in an interesting and frustrating conversation last night. I was meeting with a group of friends and had reserved a room via the internet at a particular location. Another friend who works at that location was there … Continue reading

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I dig ‘Spooky’ Mulder as much as the next person. Well, maybe a lot more if the next person is my wife. But I’m astonished at our cultures tendency to jump to “conspiracy” when people step up and do something. … Continue reading

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Painted Into a Corner or Why There Is No Part Two

I started something that I can’t finish. I started “Time Travelling” and realize now that I can’t finish what I wrote. Or at least I can’t publish it here. I broke one of my rules here at CV, I used … Continue reading

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What do you say?

Here’s a clip from our good friends over at 100 Huntley Street. It features an interview with Greg Boyd. Lots here to think about. I’m offering it without any commentary because I’d like to hear your take on what Boyd … Continue reading

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A man walks into a psychiatrist’s office. He has a raw piece of bacon dangling from each ear and a bird’s nest on top of his head. He sits down and says to the Doctor, “I’m here to talk to … Continue reading

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Follower: What a 4th step looks like

I’ve been told firsthand by missionaries who work in faraway places that getting people to make “a decision” for Jesus is quite easy. A big platform/crusade type atmosphere will see hundreds and even thousands raise a hand for Jesus. In … Continue reading

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Follower: And Then Came Step Four

We are kings and queens of the superficial. It’s in our DNA. We’re genetically predisposed to keeping things as shallow as possible. Consider our universal greeting and response. “Hi! How are you?” Frankly, we don’t give a damn. The proof … Continue reading

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Back To The Future

Let me fortell the future for a minute. Feel free to dig up my bones and burn them if this doesn’t turn out to be so. Everything goes pop. Pop art, pop psychology, pop politics, pop history, pop cuisine, pop … Continue reading

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Follower: a second step

Sometime during my Bible College days I went from follower to believer. I joined up with a system that taught me that believing the right thing was far more important than doing the right thing. People who did the right … Continue reading

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I made a decision back in 1982. I knew a guy named Rich and people would ask him, “Are you ‘born again’?” His standard answer was “Yes, often.” That’s been my experience since that initial decision I made in 1982. … Continue reading

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