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Here on the home front we’ve been reading through a short book in the New Testament called, Matthew. Right now we’re working through the “sermon on the mount” that takes up chapters 5-7. I’m using lots of resources for my … Continue reading

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Being Healthy

Last night my beautiful wife treated me to a ticket to hear Douglas Coupland read. Coupland is this year’s Massey Lectures presenter. Resolutely being himself he turned the typical 5 part lecture into a story, a book really, that is … Continue reading

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Painted Into a Corner or Why There Is No Part Two

I started something that I can’t finish. I started “Time Travelling” and realize now that I can’t finish what I wrote. Or at least I can’t publish it here. I broke one of my rules here at CV, I used … Continue reading

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My Wife’s Reputation

About 10 years ago I was asked to speak to a group of people at a camp/retreat setting in Newfoundland. I was there with friends to make some new friends and tell stories about Jesus. I was speaking a few … Continue reading

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Follower: What a 4th step looks like

I’ve been told firsthand by missionaries who work in faraway places that getting people to make “a decision” for Jesus is quite easy. A big platform/crusade type atmosphere will see hundreds and even thousands raise a hand for Jesus. In … Continue reading

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What Kind of Story Are You In?

One of my favourite movies, and most blogged about, is Stranger Than Fiction. The main character, Harold, finds himself living a narrated life. He literally hears a voice telling him what he’s doing, what he’s thinking and what he’s going … Continue reading

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