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The Times, they are a changin’

Check out this clip from Family Feud and tell me if this is the official death of something… Surprised? Advertisements

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Pop Quiz

For those Bible readers out there (or those willing to give it a try), I could use your help. We’re starting “Blue Parakeet” tonight and I’ll be giving a pop quiz to kick things off. I’d love to get some … Continue reading

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Here on the home front we’ve been reading through a short book in the New Testament called, Matthew. Right now we’re working through the “sermon on the mount” that takes up chapters 5-7. I’m using lots of resources for my … Continue reading

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The Intolerant Parable

Imagine we’re all at a party together. Good food, good drink, good music. We’re all just milling about and engaging in random conversations around the room. Eventually we’re all sitting or standing or leaning somewhere comfortable and the whole group … Continue reading

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A Question For Those Who Acknowledge Evolution

If you don’t believe in the process of evolution as an explanation for the development of life on earth, you can stop reading right about here. Really, there’s nothing to see here… For those who do take evolution at face … Continue reading

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Speaking of Leadership

I thought I’d revise some old posts that I’ve written and talk positively about what I think leadership in the Church really is. The Church is one of those Sesame Street deals where “one of these things is not like … Continue reading

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Keeping People Happy

Let me start this post by saying how much I like Craig Groeschel and the good folks who bring you every week. I’m reading Craig’s new book, “The Christian Athiest”, right now. It’s a great read, practical and confrontational, … Continue reading

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