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The Times, they are a changin’

Check out this clip from Family Feud and tell me if this is the official death of something… Surprised? Advertisements

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What do you say?

Here’s a clip from our good friends over at 100 Huntley Street. It features an interview with Greg Boyd. Lots here to think about. I’m offering it without any commentary because I’d like to hear your take on what Boyd … Continue reading

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Old Route 66 ends at a pier in Santa Monica. Josh and I walked the pier and the surrounding neighbourhood when we visited L.A. for Spring break. The morning after our surf lesson we cleaned up back at our hotel … Continue reading

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Lost: A Post-Modern Ending

Sunday night wrapped up six T.V. seasons of storytelling for the makers and viewers of Lost. Actually, the show had very few viewers. You either participated in Lost or you stopped watching at an earlier point in the adventure. I’ll … Continue reading

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When reality sits down with fantasy. One uncomfortable moment follows another. So much fun… Rather than pulling the plug when they had the chance, the interview continues. Drew’s interview was later scrubbed from the 100 Huntley archives. Fantasy, in the … Continue reading

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Loose Ends

I’ve got a few problems but one that I struggle with is my inability to finish a story that I’ve started. You can ask and my wife will confirm that I don’t have this problem with projects around the house. … Continue reading

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I tried watching American Idol last night with my son Josh and I just couldn’t keep myself from flipping the channel. He was getting very frustrated with me but I just can’t sit and laugh at people who put themselves … Continue reading

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4 Things I Don’t Like About T.V.

1. I look fat on T.V. 2. I look like my beard has turned almost white on T.V. 3. I look VERY fat on T.V. 4. I sound like William Hung on T.V. Other than that, and the couple of … Continue reading

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TV Time pt. 2

Once we started worship with singing, Sophia moved the camera into the center aisle and turned on the spotlight. I was a little, um, distracted but we pressed on and sang together. As we went along she took the camera … Continue reading

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TV Time

This past Sunday the local TV station came to church. Here on the Island some of the mainline, traditional denominations are working through a process of consolidating parishes and closing down and selling off some church buildings. On Thursday night … Continue reading

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