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So, Who’s Right?

I found myself in an interesting and frustrating conversation last night. I was meeting with a group of friends and had reserved a room via the internet at a particular location. Another friend who works at that location was there … Continue reading

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The Intolerant Parable

Imagine we’re all at a party together. Good food, good drink, good music. We’re all just milling about and engaging in random conversations around the room. Eventually we’re all sitting or standing or leaning somewhere comfortable and the whole group … Continue reading

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Being Healthy

Last night my beautiful wife treated me to a ticket to hear Douglas Coupland read. Coupland is this year’s Massey Lectures presenter. Resolutely being himself he turned the typical 5 part lecture into a story, a book really, that is … Continue reading

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Tragedy in Sedona – Book Review

Have you ever heard about or maybe even watched unfold a story of seemingly bright people doing spectacularly stupid things and wondered, “Why?” Have you ever seen a group of people following someone like lemmings to their own death or … Continue reading

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A man walks into a psychiatrist’s office. He has a raw piece of bacon dangling from each ear and a bird’s nest on top of his head. He sits down and says to the Doctor, “I’m here to talk to … Continue reading

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Follower: the 7th step

Someone once said that Jesus has left the door into the Kingdom of God wide open but it’s a very low door, you can only enter on your knees. Humility isn’t a character trait we value much in ourselves but … Continue reading

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I Try Not To Worry

If you’ve been reading here lately you know I’ve been dealing with some health issues. The short version, for those who don’t want a rerun, my blood pressure went nuts, I developed some strange stomach issues and I’ve been living … Continue reading

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Follower: a 6th

It’s an old story/illustration. Trappers, seeking a way to catch some brand of monkeys without harming them, would cut a small hole in a coconut and stick a candy inside as bait. The coconut would be attached to a chain … Continue reading

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Follower: a 5th step

In my life I’ve experienced some holy moments. Someone called them “thin places” where the atmosphere between here and God seems so thin that you’re almost there. I’ve experienced “thin places” in the delivery room with all 3 of my … Continue reading

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Follower: What a 4th step looks like

I’ve been told firsthand by missionaries who work in faraway places that getting people to make “a decision” for Jesus is quite easy. A big platform/crusade type atmosphere will see hundreds and even thousands raise a hand for Jesus. In … Continue reading

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